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Google Plus Posts from June 2011

Kelly Ellis Jun 28, 2011 - Public
Hello world! Welcome to Google+. :)

Bradley Horowitz Jun 28, 2011 - Public
Welcome! So glad you're here! Remember, we're in early testing... Things may be a bit wonky... bear with us.
We really want to hear your feedback and suggestions. Let us know what you like... and what needs to be improved.

Vic Gundotra Jun 28, 2011
And so it begins. Introducing the Google+ Project.
Wish us luck. We're going to need it!

Garry Boyer Jun 28, 2011 (edited) - Public
Some tips for folks who don't want to be public all the time

Joseph Smarr Jun 29, 2011 - Public
Welcome everyone to Google+. I've poured my heart and soul into this project for the past year+, focusing especially the circles and sharing model (and UI). I truly believe that online sharing can be made better, and it starts with giving you more control over how you connect to people. Please send me any and all feedback you have--this is just the beginning, and we won't stop until it really works as well as real-world sharing should!

Robert Scoble Jun 29, 2011 - Public
Robert Scoble originally shared this post:
It's interesting how different the first hour's experience is with this as compared to Google Buzz. On Google Buzz I really didn't find anything well done (and that opinion hasn't found a reason to change since). But on here? Nearly everything is well done. I haven't yet seen something "magical" that goes way beyond, but everything solid here and that is different than the last few things I've seen Google try with Social.

Declan McCullagh Jun 29, 2011 (edited) - Public
Google+ and your privacy (some preliminary thoughts)