Google WiFi

Google as Internet Access Provider
Google WiFi is provided public in multiple locations.
- download speed 3 Mbps
- upload speed 1 Mbps
Examples of locations include:
- Mountain View California, USA (Google Headquarter)
- The Dalles, Oregon, USA (Google Datacenter)
- Chelsea, New York City, USA (Google Office New York City)
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September 20, 2005 Google WiFi @ Mountain View California
As of 2009, Google uses over 500 Tropos Networks MetroMesh routers acting as access points mounted primarily on utility poles providing usable signal and broadband internet access to over 95% of the city's area of 12 square miles (31 km2). As of 2009, it serves over 16,000 unique users each month and handles over 500 gigabytes of data in 24 hours.
The service was announced by Google on September 20, 2005 and the service went live on August 16, 2006. Google WiFi is available throughout most of Mountain View.
Google partnered with entrepreneur and engineer Jaz Banga, and his company UnWire Now, Inc., on this project.
source: Wikipedia

November 2010 Google WiFi @ The Dalles Google is giving a small town in Oregon $100,000 for free Wi-Fi. It's a town called The Dalles - a community with an interesting significance for Google.

The Dalles is a city of 12,000 people along the Columbia River, about 80 miles east of Portland. Google owns a massive data center there. It's a key Google operation, that's powered by the cheap hydroelectricity that comes from a dam on the Columbia.

January 08, 2013 Google WiFi @ Chelsea New York City 10:35 AM Eastern Time
Southwest Chelsea to Become First WiFi Neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City, New Zork, USA

Google Teams with Chelsea Improvement Company to provide neighborhood WiFi.

About the Chelsea Improvement Company:
The Chelsea Improvement Company is a nonprofit neighborhood redevelopment corporation that seeks to improve the day-to-day lives of the people who live, work, and visit southwest Chelsea.


How secure is the public Google WiFi


Google Wifi is meant for use in the open public space. Google recommends using a VPN whenever you connect to the Internet wirelessly. Read *Google WiFi Privacy & Security* and other resources before you use a public WiFi as your primary Internet connection over a longer period of time at home.

"The best protection a person can use on a public network is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)," Fred Touchette, senior security analyst of AppRiver, told SecurityWatch

For New York City read the CIC Wireless Network
Terms Of Use

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